Blues in a Bottle

  1. Blues in a Bottle
  2. When I Been Drinking
    William Broonzy
  3. Sweet Mama Hurry Home 
    Jimmie Rodgers
  4. On the Road Again
  5. Am I To Blame 
    Billy Fazioli/Raymond W. Klages
  6. I Feel So Good
    William Broonzy
  7. Greasy Greens 
  8. Fool Me
    Rob Lumbard
  9. You Was Right Baby 
    David M. Barbour/Peggy Lee
  10. I Keep On Drinking 
    Eurreal Montgomery
  11. Rood Rag
    Rob Lumbard 


Rob Lumbard Guitar/Vocals
Ricky Nye Piano
Nick Lloyd Upright Bass

All tracks mixed by Tom Tatman and mastered by Travis Huisman at Catamount Recording.Piano and bass tracks recorded at Ultrasuede Studio, Cincinnati, Ohio by Bob Economaki. Tracks 5,8,11 recorded at Catalyst studio by Bob Economaki. All other vocal and guitar tracks recorded at Catamount Recording by Tom Tatman.

Rob used a 1954 Gibson LG-2 and a 1929 National Duolian

Nick Lloyd is a builder of fine basses

Ricky Nye, world renown Blues Boogie Woogie piano player & singer

© 2015 Lumbard Music

Lumbard & Lloyd

  1. Natch
    Rob Lumbard
  2. Sweet Lorraine
  3. In Tall Buildings
  4. Drinking Wine Spo Dee Odee
  5. Buckshot
    Rob Lumbard
  6. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
  7. Nothing In This World That Lasts
    Rob Lumbard
  8. Wish I Was A Train
    Rob Lumbard
  9. Closer Walk With Thee
  10. The Road To Kingdom Come
    Pat Donohue
  11. I Can’t Be Satisfied
    M. Morganfield
  12. Jordan Creak
    Dave Jordan
  13. When I’ve Got The Moon

Nick Lloyd Upright Bass
Rob Lumbard vocals/guitars
Recorded live in studio January 2nd 2004 at Great Plains Recording, Clive,IA • Photos taken by Lisa Lumbard at The Northland Bluegrass Festival 2003 • Graphic Design & dobro photo by Jen Taylor • Thanks to Tommy Brown for the front of his bus ‘Ramblin Fever’ • Contact Nick at

Strings of Desire

Out of print
  1. Drift By
  2. Strings Of Desire
  3. Jordan Creek
  4. Sometimes I Really Hate This Place
  5. Closer
  6. The Moment
  7. Big Soft World
  8. Nobodies Fault But Mine. So It Goes
  9. Eugene

All songs by Rob Lumbard-except where noted
Produced by Tom Tatman & Rob Lumbard
Recorded at Catamount Sudios.
Engineered and Mixed by Tom Tatman Mastered by Jon Chamberlain
Drawings by Willy Pogany from the book Confessions of an
English Opium-Eater by Thomas DeQuincy
Graphics production by Mark Doolittle
© 1998 Lumbard Music

Rob Lumbard – vocals, guitars and harmonica
Steve Hayes – drums
Marty Christensen – bass

Horns on “Sometimes”
Bunky Marlow – tenor
Vern Hanson – trumpet
Jim Gosnell – alto
Larry Bobe – trombone
Mike Michalicek – baritone

Live at Flanagan’s 

Out of print

  1. Average Kind of Guy
  2. Kretchma
    G. Raskin
  3. Snip Snip
    Rob Lumbard
  4. Keep On Drinkin
  5. Cowboy Man
    Lyle Lovett
  6. Crazy Little Girl
    Rob Lumbard
  7. Hesitation Blues
  8. Casa Bella
    Rob Lumbard
  9. I Can’t Be Satisfied
    M. Morganfield
  10. I Dig You

All songs by Rob Lumbard-except where noted
Produced by Bob Dorr & Rob Lumbard
Recorded by Tony Schmitt of Triad Productions and
Bob Economaki of Catalyst Productions
Mixed by Tom “Darth Fader” Tatman @ Catamount Recording
© 1995 Lumbard Music